Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox: a Pixar Story

Once upon a time there was a BDR named Marlin. 

Every day, Marlin would send out several hundred cold emails, with more or less the same content.

One day, while Marlin was checking his LinkedIn feed, he sees a post about how Google and Yahoo will start introducing stricter email guidelines, and that anyone with a spam rate over 0.3% could have their emails blocked entirely. 

Because of that, Marlin went to his manager, and repeatedly pleaded with him to lower his email quota in exchange for more targeted, highly personalized emails to his prospects. 

Until finally, his manager agreed, and the entire team started sending targeted emails with educational and relevant content to prospects, and started seeing better returns than they had before. 

In the end, they all wondered why they hadn’t been doing this all along.


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