Are you the Keymaster?


That’s the name of the Keymaster in Ghostbusters. A demigod and minion of Gozer.

Whereas the Keymaster can posses you, most Gatekeepers just want to get you off the damn phone.

Getting information or reaching your prospect through the GK can be a futile endeavor. If you’re lucky, your prospect has a healthy “LinkedIn life”, checks and responds to their email, or picks up their direct line on the first ring. Chances are, however, they don’t.

In this case, the GK it is.

People often talk about “getting through” the Gatekeeper. They aren’t an obstacle. They’re a person with thoughts, feelings, an upcoming lunch break, kids, a car payment – just like you. Rather than “getting through” the Gatekeeper, “work with them” to get to your contact and out of their way as quickly as possible.

Be direct:

You: “Can you put me through to Gozer?”

GK: “Gozer’s not here today.”

You: “I see. When would you say the best time to reach Gozer is?”

GK: “Tomorrow between 10 and 2.”

You: “Between 10 and 2 you said?”

GK: “Yes.”

You’re to the point, but you’re also working with them.

Remember, people generally want to help. I love this line: “I’m sure you can help me.” Or, “Maybe you can help me.”

“If I were you, what would be the best way to reach Gozer?”

If you don’t know who to contact:

“I know you’re busy and it’s not your job to tell me who I need to speak with. But if there’s someone I should contact, I believe you might be the best person to know.”

Always be mindful of your time. Your time is as valuable as theirs. Don’t waste their time and don’t let them waste yours.

Are you the Keymaster?


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