Everything flows

You are not as you started out

“Everything flows and nothing stands still”


“See you get older every year
But you don’t change
Or I don’t notice you changing”

Teenage Fanclub “Everything Flows

Nothing is permanent. Everything is in a constant state of change: from one thing into another. Moments are not fixed. As soon as you regard the present, it has moved on to past.

This is such a beautiful concept. It has such explanatory power.

Consider evolution, which can be difficult to understand without the concept of ‘deep time.’ Deep time just means that evolution takes a long, long, long…long time. In fact it is so long that our human brains are not equipped to conceive it. It means you can’t witness significant change – or even conceive of it – in real time. Big change takes place over millennia.

What does this have to do with sales? Maybe nothing. What we can take away from it, however, is that the sales process is not fixed. People’s concept of the sales process changes, norms are constantly changing, and what works today will incrementally lose its power day by day.

Big change takes place over millennia.

Processes need regular revision. Small deposits to your savings account add up. Regular revision of your tools and toolkit pays dividends.

Awareness and introspection is a good starting point for recognizing change and flowing with it. Consistency rounds it off and pays with exponential returns.


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