This is not a pipe

In his podcast, Dirk Kreuter was listing the excuses we give for not closing deals. The prospect didn’t like this, they preferred that, the competitor has this, etc. There is always an excuse. According to Dirk, the reason for our lack of success is that we simply don’t have enough potential business in our pipeline.

You need to have a multitude of prospects in the pipe, because you can’t please everybody, and there will always be deals that don’t go through. It really is a numbers game.

There is lots of talk about quantity versus quality, and I won’t belabor it here. What we should be talking about are not either/ors – binary this or that scenarios. We should be talking about quantity AND quality. It isn’t and/or, it’s and/and.

Think in terms of high quantity and high quality.

Until it’s smoking, this is not a pipe.


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